Front End Login WordPress Plugin – Model View Controller (MVC) – Tutorial – Part Two

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Complete Plugin and Final Comments

All by-all there is a lot of code here.  The completed plugin is available as a ZIP archive from GitHub.  Again, this was meant as a tutorial and a demonstration how to apply the MVC paradigm in WordPress plugin development.  If you want to use this on your site, you can.  If we were to develop this as a commercial plugin, there would be more bells and whistles.

Using this plugin (as is) requires the setup of a number of “pages”.  These pages hold the shortcodes for the various forms, so we need

  • Sign In page
  • Change Password page
  • Lost Password page
  • Password Reset page
  • Registration page
  • Email Sent page

It is possible to auto-create such pages on plugin-activation.

A couple of things which may not be immediately obvious

  • This Front-End-Registration-Login plugin does NOT require a unique email address for every user
  • The plugin can be easily extended to allow Front-End Profile editing
  • The plugin can be extended to automatically expire accounts for users who have never logged in

While developing and testing this plugin we discovered a weakness (bug ?) with the WordPress nonces.  Look for a separate write-up on that.





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