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Tickets Anyone?

 Remote Customer Support One of the things we do at ME is remote customer support.  The technology spectrum is wide, and encompasses MS-Windows administration, end user support (help desk), Network troubleshooting, PBX / Phone system support etc. We – usually – do a good job of helping a client out of a pickle, but not […]

Backing Up Workstation Data

When I talk about a Workstation, this can be a fixed Workstation or a Laptop (mobile).  The data stored on a Workstation is – from an individual user’s point of view – often the most important data.  In a Windows environment this typically consists of documents and data stored in the user’s profile area.  If such […]

Pondering Backup

What is a Backup System anyway When you ask five people what they understand by a good ‘backup system‘ you will likely get five different answers.  The reason is simply this: ‘backup’ is too general a term to describe a specific need and solution. So let us dwell a bit in the various types of […]

A Fresh Look for 2009

2009 will see the remake of the site.  We are using WordPress for this.  The previous incorporation was ‘hand-crafted’.  There is nothing wrong with that, however, it became clear that the site was getting somewhat stale. Over the last year we have seriously delved in virtualization, VPN setups, backup technology, additional VoIP offerings etc.  Since we […]